Face to face


When in doubt, meet.

Whenever you are in trouble with people, meet in person. FaceTime is the name of the product of a mobile phone manufacturer and software company that would like its users to enjoy being able to see their nearest and dearest smiling on the phone screen. The truth is that people have limited use for seeing friends and family making funny faces on the phone, even though it’s entertaining for a while. Usually people are happy to know that everything is OK and can just as well drop a call, email or text message to confirm it: ‘Hi, great to see you yesterday, look forward to seeing you again soon’, or whatever.

When you really feel the urge to meet to talk things through is when something isn’t working and you have to sort things out. Have you ever tried to solve a difficult, complex relationship problem by email, phone or text? Or by blog or Twitter? It just doesn’t deliver. It will only fuel more misunderstandings, questions, distrust and problems.

If you have to solve a problem, sort it out face to face if you can. You have to meet in person, sit down and spend time together until you have discussed things and hopefully feel all right about the situation. You may never reach that goal, but trying to solve things over the network will just create an inhuman challenge in communication that is destined to fail. So far digital communication, the transfer of zeros and ones in packages over the net, has not solved how to transmit the twinkle in the eye that is the foundation of physical meetings, and which makes them so superior.

In addition, seeing each other in person is a sign that both parties care to make the time and effort to meet. And that’s a pretty good start to solving a problem.