We Are All Leaders
Leadership is not a position – it's a mindset.

Leadership for Growing Companies

I have collected 100 simple, actionable concepts, and try to offer a practical approach to leadership in growing companies. For every “rule” I offer to others, I have often painfully failed and made mistakes, until I hopefully learned something. The result is this book.

Success in business always comes down to people, and people is about leadership. That’s why I have devoted much time to leadership, while also realising that when I started out as a restless entrepreneur once upon a time, I was a pretty poor leader myself. 

I think that you, and everybody, can be a leader – and you must be one too, to meet the challenges of today’s business world. No longer are we in a world where a few leaders rule the roost and the rest are “led” – now leadership is a necessity and an opportunity for everyone at every level of an organisation. And it’s up to you.

In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, businesses that thrive will do so by encouraging employees at all levels to take a proactive role in leading themselves and their organisations to success.

The mission of We Are All Leaders is to give you the tools to become a confident, focused leader and help you to inspire that same passion in others too – whatever your stage of career or life.

This is leadership for a new era with a positive message – We are all leaders.

Endorsements for We Are All Leaders

“When I first picked up this book, I was thinking: "Does the world really need another leadership book?". After reading “We Are All Leaders”, I really think that everyone should read this book. The book provide useful insights and examples that will help you grow as a leader irrespectively if you are just starting out your career or if you are a seasoned CEO. I recognize many best practices from my time at Google and found a few new that we should implement. Read it today!” –Rikard Steiber, Global Marketing Director, Mobile & Social, Google

“We Are All Leaders” shows us how real-world leadership succeeds both in daily business as well as in our everyday lives. Well researched, the book takes on what it means to self-direct in a flat organization, and how personal drive catches fire in the modern workplace. “We Are All Leaders” speaks in human terms, with smart examples, and clearly defines the partnership between team leadership and personal growth.” –Scott Raskin, CEO, Mindjet

“I took all my mistakes and turned them into a book.” –Fredrik Arnander, CEO, Keybroker Group

We Are All Leaders is published by Capstone, a John Wiley company.